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In-Depth Leak Detection has been detecting and repairing underground leaks in Northern California since 1992. Owner-operated, we specialize in pools, spas, and all associated systems. In-Depth Leak Detection is known for our comprehensive testing methods resulting in exceptional accuracy. The use of dye, vacuum, electronic sound amplification, pipe tracing, inert gas, and air pressure are some of the testing methods that we utilize on pool/spa plumbing and structures. Underwater diving is an important part of our testing procedure to assure that all shell leaks are found the first time, thus eliminating costs incurred for additional visits. Diving in the pool/spa also allows us to actually see a structural leak to determine it's exact location and severity so that the proper recommendations for repairs can be made.

Our Reputation

We are proud of our reputation in the pool/spa industry and most of our business is by referral. If the contractor that referred you to us cannot do your necessary repairs, we will give you a written estimate or refer you to someone who can help you. Our repairs are done with utmost care and attention to detail. We are a licensed (C-53) contractor with 20+ years experience and thousands of pools tested from the Greater Bay Area to the Sacramento Foothills.